Random facts

These might be a little too specific, but I just thought about some random and somewhat more unique facts about myself.

  • I'm most likely taller than you (190 cm).
  • I likely weigh less than you (64 kg).
  • I have a UGT1A1 gene mutation.
  • I have tinnitus (I hear constant static hiss in complete silence).
  • I can clap with one hand.
  • I can't reach my toes without bending my knees.
  • I can't swim (planning to work on this).
  • If IQ tests mean something, you can pretty much call me a genius (142).
  • I have fallen from trees, jumped from a 2nd floor, been catapulted a couple of meters in the air with a wooden plank, fallen in a fountain, had many bicycle accidents. No bones broken.
  • I have ~2000 games on Steam.
  • I'm somewhat fluent in 5 languages apart Lithuanian. 3 of them are programming languages.
  • It takes me at least half an hour to fall asleep. Even longer in new/unfamiliar places (hotels are the worst).